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Group Phase

The participating nations will be seeded in groups of 4 teams.

Each nation will play every other nation in their respective group twice (home and away) on the dates provided by the organizers.

After the group-play the tournament will continue with the playoff. Depending on the number of teams who will join we will let you know the qualification system.


Play-off Phase

Play-off will contain 16 teams and the system used will be the clasic elimination (once a team loses, is eliminated form the tournament). The matches will be played home and away on dates provided by organizers.

When two teams score the same number of goals the teams that will advance will be:

Team that scored most goals abroad.

Team that had most shots in the double match against his opponent (according to the game report).

Team that had better performance in the group (number of points).


The Winner

The winner will be team that wins the final. The final will be played also in a home and away match.




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