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An e-mail has been sent to all the NT Coaches in hockey. To registrate your national team you should send a reply to this e-mail or make a confirmation of your participation leaving a message in the guestbook of user clopoyaur, NT Coach of Romania, the organizer of this competition. The deadline for registration is 25 July at 12 am.

Nations Cup is a unofficial World Cup, so NT Coaches can use all players regardless the age. There is no need for a registration process for players user in the tournament.

Draws and seedings

The draw will take place on 27 July and will be broadcasted live on Yahoo Messenger.

Participating teams will be seeded acording to four cryteries: position at World Cup 2004 (15%), position at World Cup 2005 (40%), unofficial World Cup U23 (25%) and managerzone national ranking (20%). The teams will be divided into 4 pools, from which the groups will be drawn.



Every team plays twice each team in his group following a schedule provided by the organizer. The home team has to make the challenge. If the home team doesn't challenge the away team 48 hours before the game, loses the game on walkover (0-5). If the away team doesn't accept the challenge 24 hours before the game, loses the match on walkover (0-5). For a team to win on walkover, it is necesary to announce the incident to the organizer (e-mail, forum or guestbook) before the date (exact hour) of the game. If the game doesn't play and none of the NT Coaches asks for a wallover, both teams lose the game.

Nations Cup should be decided on ice anf not on walkover. If there is possible, matches that did not took place are rescheduled by the organizers. If the match doesn't play on the rescheduled date, the team that requested the walkover wins.

Ranks are determined by: number of points (3p - victory, 1p -draw, 0p - lose), goal difference, direct match, most number of goals, most number of goals abroad, total number of shots in the group stage, better seeding in the draws.



The play-off consists of 16 teams who will qualify from the groups. The seeding will be announced before the start of the torunament.

Like in the groups, teams will play a home and away match! The team that score most goals goes trough. In a case of both teams scoring the same amount of goals the critiries for going to the next phase are: most goals abroad, most shots in the both games (according to the match report), better performance in the group (number of points).

The final will also be played on a home and away match system.



13 July - 25 July - Registration

27 July - Drawing

1, 4, 8, 11, 15, 18 August - Matches in the groups

22, 25 August - Rescheduled games

29 August, 1 September - Last 16

5, 8 September - Quarter Finals

12, 15 Septemner - Semifinals

19, 22 September - The Final



The organizer of the Nations Cup is clopoyaur ( For best comunications and solving possible problems use e-mail, guestbook or the forum provided by the organizers. The site will be updated every 24 hours. As an NT Coach you are asked to report the result after the game is finished on the forum.




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